Odor Elimination and Super-Sterilization for your Home

Do you have a musty smell or odor lingering around that just won't go away? Smoke B Gone in Richmond, Virginia, now offers a guaranteed odor elimination and removal service for your house, rental home, or apartment.

Ozone Generator

Whether your troublesome foul odors are in your home or apartment, our multi stage super-sterilization process will deodorize the entire structure. Whether you want to increase you REM sleep cycle by breathing clean air, eliminate those anoying airborne seasonal allergens that are associated with headaches & other health related issues, rent your home or apartment faster, or sell that property that no one seems to want because of the previous owners lingering odors, we provide a guaranteed solution.

Structure Full Extraction & Odor Elimination

Our process eliminates odors in the entire structure. Odors such as spilled milk, gym related funk, cigarette smoke, make the top of the list and are only the beginning of what we remove. Just as important, basidiospores, which are the dominant airborne fungal allergens associated with seasonal asthma, are elliminated. The building may not be occupied during our odor elimination process. We utlize high end equipment, chemicals, & supplies to ensure you get the service and results you deserve. Beginning with our HEPA vacum filters trapping at least 99.97% of particles of .3 microns, followed with our contaminant specific preparation process.

Next, a unique, oxygenated formula/solution is used to deep clean and destroy odors. This formula is used in our high end Heated Extractor to extract the remaining contaminants within your carpet/upholstery, from top to bottom. This ensures the contaminated area in which the odor is coming from is permanently removed, not just covered up. This heated extractor heats our solution up to 210°, with a 130 psi water lift, and finally we then complete this stage of our thorough process with odor free neutralizers prior to running our custom Ozone generators.

No Smoking Sign - Odor Elimination

Process Time

Process times on both provided services, whether a shock treatment or the full extraction & deodorization process, depends on several factors including the level of contamination and the square footage; however, most buildings are complete within 6-12 hours. Once complete, we remove the ozone unit and the tenant may return to their freshly serviced building shortly after. Contact us for further details.


Shock Treatments

Ozone Shock Treatments are effective for removing harsh odors like smoke, mold, and animal odors. It is useful to shock treat an unoccupied room with a large volume of ozone to kill odors & germs. Our High Output UV Ozone Genertors also produce Hydroxyl Radicals, which are aggresive at killing germs as they are pulled through the generator. The Ozone that is produced travels throughout the entire structure being serviced. This Ozone eliminates ALL ODORS  that are hiding by killing the germs that create the odor through oxidation The idea of an ozone shock treatment procedure is to eliminate the contamination and source of the odor from surfaces as well as the air.

Professional Service

Ozone shock treatments provide continuous control over recurring contamination or heavily contaminated areas. This odor elimination process is utilized leading industries to clean up:
   •  Crime Scenes
   •  Death Sites
   •  Fires
   •  Floods
   •  Smoke
   •  Molds
   •  Odors
   •  Restorations
   •  Remediation

Contact us and start breathing the good air again.