Effective Shock Treatment for Offices & Commercial Buildings

Building Interior - Shock Treatment

Smoke B Gone in Richmond, Virginia, removes all unwanted odors from any office size and buildings as well as vehicles. Get rid of that rank cigar, cigarette, mold, and allergen smell and breathe easier. From pets to mold, our process is guaranteed to eliminate your odors and freshin your air.

How It Works

Our specially designed ozone generators create a high output of UV ozone while producing and incorporating Hydroxyl Radicals. With a relatively short life span, these radicals travel through all the air conditioning and heat circulating systems, filters, and every crack and crevice to remove the unpleasant odors also known as "filthy air". Ozone permanently kills these odors through

oxidation. Ozone is the second most powerful oxidant in the world and its natural function is to destroy bacteria, viruses, and odors in nature. Occurring quite readily in nature, ozone is also produced as a result of lightning strikes in thunderstorms and is that "fresh, clean, spring rain" smell after a storm and around waterfalls.

Our generators are the worlds first adjustable output, portable, UV ozone generators, also the first nitric acid free adjustable output ozone generator. No other ozone generators are as clean as ours, PERIOD.

How Long Does Ozone Last?

As soon as ozone is formed and dispensed from our generators it decays back into oxygen. This step occurs by several processes including natural decay (or revision to oxygen) due to ozone chemical instability. The presence of walls, carpets, etc. speeds up the revision of ozone to oxygen by stimulating this decay process. Oxidation reaction then occurs with odor causing organic materials which removes ozone. Ozone itself has a very short half life, which means any additional ozone that is created and not needed to destroy these odors, will return to oxygen within 30 minutes in amounts equal to its half life. This additional ozone that is created is called "residual" ozone. In short, after each subsequent 30 minute period there is half as much residual ozone left at the end of the period as was present at the beginning of the period. Therefore, while ozone is very powerful it doesn't last long...it get's the job done and disappears!

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